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DMS jara petele pipin multistage fifa

DMS jara petele pipin multistage fifa

● Horizontal Split Multistage Pump
● Between bearing  type pump
● BB3
● API 610 BB3 pump

imeeli: [imeeli ni idaabobo]

Main data imọ-

● Capacity: 2400 m3/h
● Ori: 2000m
Ipa: 35Mpa
● Igba otutu: -40-200 ° C

ohun elo

● This series of pumps are mainly used in petroleum exploitation, petrochemical, chemical, coal chemical, pipeline transportation, seawater desalination, power plants, etc. It can also be used in gray water pumps and methanol-lean pump in coal chemical industry, high-pressure hydraulic energy recovery turbine in the chemical industry, and lean liquid pump and rich liquid pump used in fertilizer and ammonia plant, and so on.

● Pumps are used in typical operating conditions, such as boiler feed water at power plant, decoking and phosphorus removal at steel plant, oilfield water injection and other high pressure applications.

ifigagbaga Anfani

● The first-stage impeller is of suction design, and it has good cavitation performance. The impeller is placed back to back, so the axial force is automatically balanced without the balance mechanism in complicated structure. This simplifies the pump structure and facilitates the transportation of medium with solid particles.

● Pump inlet and outlet are arranged on pump body. Pump can be disassembled by simply opening pump cover, leaving pump body stand by without removing the inlet and outlet pipelines. The maintenance is simple and convenient.

● Bearings can adopt self-lubricating sliding bearing structure and forced lubrication bearing structure depending on shaft power and speed.

● All friction pairs are made of materials with high hardness and wear resistance, so they are not easy to bite. Rotating sleeves and ring are hardened on surface, not only ensuring high hardness and hardness difference, but also being difficult to bite. It is suitable for conveying solid-liquid two-phase medium and reducing erosion of particles. Pump life and reliability are guaranteed.