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Pompë horizontale me presion të lartë seri DSG

Pompë horizontale me presion të lartë seri DSG

● Horizontal High-pressure Multistage Pump

● Midis pompës së tipit mbajtës


. Pompë API 610 BB5

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Të dhënat kryesore teknike

Gama e rrjedhës5 ~ 730m3 / h 45 1440 ~
Head range3200 milion ~3200m (6000r/min)
Temperatura e zbatueshme-80 ~ 450 ° C-80 ~ 450 ° C
Presioni i projektimit35MPa35MPa

● DSG series pumps are mainly used in boiler feed water, refineries, thermal power plants, coal chemical industry, urban water supply, water treatment, petrochemical and other industries. It is especially suitable for conveying liquids, flammable, explosive, toxic, high temperature and high pressure, such as liquefied petroleum gas, light hydrocarbons, boiler feed water, etc.

● DSH series pumps are mainly used in oil exploitation, coal chemical industry, seawater desalination, power plants and so on. It can also be used in gray water pump, lean methanol pump, chemical fertilizer, lean liquid pump and rich liquid pump in coal chemical industry.

Përparësia konkurruese

● The pressure parts of the pump body and pump cover are made by forging process, which makes the operation safer and more reliable.

● Both pump body and impeller are provided with a sealing ring. The clearance and hardness are in accordance with API 610 standard. The spare parts are easy to be replaced and have a long service life.

● There are guide keys and positioning pins. When conveying high temperature medium, the pump expands and extends to the non-driven end, which does not affect the connection between pump and drive machine. The operation is safer and more reliable.

● Self-lubricating sliding bearings and forced lubrication sliding bearing structures can be used depending on the shaft power and the speed.

● The inner core adopts the integral extraction structure, which can realize the maintenance and inspection of the pump without moving the inlet and outlet pipelines.