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Pompa tad-demel likwidu UHB-ZK

Pompa tad-demel likwidu UHB-ZK

● UHB-ZK Slurry Pump
● Slurry Pump

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Main Dejta Teknika

● Flow rate: 5~300 m3/h;
● Total delivery head: 17~50m;
● Firxa tat-temperatura: -20 °C sa 100 °C (-4 °F sa 212 °F)


● Aċidi & lies
● Soluzzjoni tal-melħ
● Oils
● Beverage
● Beer & alcohol
● Solvent organiku
● High corrosion medium
● High and low density slurry  
● Alkene  
● Ilma mormi

● Automobile pickling,
● Metallurġija tal-metall mhux tal-ħadid,
● Soda kawstika
● Pestiċida
● Elettronika
● Produzzjoni tal-karta
● Separazzjoni ta 'art rari
● Farmaċewtiċi
● Produzzjoni tal-polpa
● Industrija tal-aċidu sulfuriku
● Industrija tal-protezzjoni ambjentali

Vantaġġ Kompetittiv

● Corrosion resistance and Friction resistance
● Single stage and single suction centrifugal pump.  Wetted part manufactured from the most corrosion- resistant material UHMW-PE to handle your most aggressive chemicals. Pump casing is metal parts, which make pump bearing high pressure.
● Robust pump casing With ductile cast iron armouring absorbs all the hydraulic and pipeworkforces to DIN/ISO5199/Europump 1979.In contrast to partially or non-armoured plastic pumps, no expansion joints are required.Flange with service-minded through holes to DIN;ANSI,BS;JIS. For flushing system and monitoring device as required, the draining nozzle will be offered(pump housing picture)
● Wide application  UHB-ZK can transfer acid and caustic liquid and slurries, also able to handle kinds of corrosive slurries in metallurgy, mining and alkene in sulfuric acid industry and waste water in Environmental protection industry. The material is  virgin, unfilled linning UHMWPE,Therefore:(1)Considerably easier and more reliable quality control.(2)No reduction in the permeation resistance.(3)Pure pharmaceutical and fine chemical media: no contamination
● Multiple mechanical seal 
Choose from K type oil seal, single mechanical seal and dual mechanical seal to ensure a perfect assembly for your application. According to temperature and partical content, different type mechanical can been chosen
With connection joint( lined with polyolefin),the maintenance work can be done without remove the inlet/outlet piping