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Вертикална потопена пумпа од серија LY

Вертикална потопена пумпа од серија LY

● Vertical Submerged Pump

● Вертикална пумпа  

● VS4

● Пумпа API 610 VS4

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● Опсег на проток: 2~400m3/h
● Опсег на глава: ~150m
● Sub-liquid depth: up to 15m
● Applicable temperature: ~450 °C
● Материјал: леано челик, SS304, SS316, SS316Ti, SS316L, CD4MCu, титаниум, легура на титаниум, легура на Хастел


● Оваа серија на пумпи е широко користена во хемикалии, нафта, рафинерија, челик, електрани итн.

конкурентна предност

● The shaft seal is not in contact with the medium, and there is no leakage point of the dynamic seal. The seal uses a labyrinth seal or a packing seal to prevent the medium from leaking outward.

● The bearing adopts double row angular contact ball bearing, which is mounted on the shaft by bearing sleeve to facilitate the adjustment of the axial position of the rotor. It is lubricated with thin oil and equipped with water cooling to ensure that the temperature in the oil chamber is within a safe range, making the pump work safer and longer.

● The steam insulation system effectively prevents the rotor from locking up due to rapid solidification of the medium after shutdown.

● The outlet pipe adopts a side-out (VS4) structure and is provided with a special telescopic compensation structure to prevent stress caused by thermal expansion.

● Pumps adopt the design theory of flexible shaft and takes multi-point support structure. Support point span meets API 610 standard requirements.

● Bushings are available in different material configurations to suit different operating conditions, such as silicon carbide, filled tetrafluoroethylene, graphite impregnated materials, ductile iron and so on.

● Pumps is provided with conical sleeve shaft structure to be high coaxiality, accurate positioning and reliable transmission torque.

● The pump suction is equipped with a filter to filter the pumped medium to prevent blockage.

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