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ZMD Self-Pump Pompel

ZMD Self-Pump Pompel

● ZMD Self-priming Pump
● Plastic chemical pump
● Self-priming Pump

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Main Technesch Donnéeën

● Flow: up to 400 m3/h, max 1761 GPM
● Head: 80 m; 410 feet
● Temperature: - 20 °C to +150 °C; -68 °F to +302 °F


● Petrochemicals,
● Non-ferrous metal metallurgy,
● Pesticide,
● Acid and caustics,
● Pulp production,
● Acid pickling process,
● Rare- earth separation,
● Galvanization,
● Electronics etc

Pompel Flëssegkeet
● Saieren & Lyes    
● Waste water
● Chlorine water
● Electrolyte
● Chlorine water and waste water treatment
● Petroleum Industry
● Chemical Industry
● Adding acid process.

Kompetitiv Virdeel

D'Pompel Wunnengen
● Virgin Fluoroplastic  
- Däitlech méi einfach a méi zouverléisseg Qualitéitskontroll
- No reduction in the permeation resistance
- Pure pharmazeutesch a fein chemesch Medien: keng Kontaminatioun
● With ductile cast iron casing absorbs all the hydraulic and pipework-forces. According to DIN/ISO5199/Europump 1979 standard. Comparing to plastic pumps, no expansion joints are required. Flange with service-minded through holes to DIN, ANSI, BS; JIS. For flushing system and monitoring device as required, the draining nozzle will be offered.
● Spacer sleeve made of Carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic [CFRP]
-De metallfreie System induzéiert keng Wirbelstroum a vermeit doduerch onnéideg Hëtzegeneratioun. Effizienz an operationell Zouverlässegkeet profitéieren dovun. Och niddereg Stroumraten oder Medien no bei hirem Kachpunkt kënnen dofir ouni d'Aféierung vun Hëtzt vermëttelt ginn.
● Close Impeller
-Closed impeller with flow-optimized vane channels: for high efficiency and low NPSH values. The metal core is protected by a thick-walled seamless plastic lining, the large metal core and increase the mechanical strength considerably even at elevated temperature and high flow rates. Secured screw connection to the shaft to against loosening if the pump is started up in the wrong direction of rotation or in the case of back-flowing media.
● Bearing
-The main characteristics of SIC are extreme hardness, high-temperature, anti-corrosion, small expansion coefficient, long service life.