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Pompa pangalihan cangkang siji vertikal seri VDT

Pompa pangalihan cangkang siji vertikal seri VDT

● Vertical Single-Shell Diversion Pump

● Pompa vertikal  

● VS1

● Pompa API 610 VS1

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Data Technical utama

● Flow range: 8~6000m3/h
● Head range: ~360m
● Applicable temperature: -40~170°C
● Bahan: Baja cor, SS304, SS316, SS316Ti, SS316L, CD4MCu, Titanium, Alloy Titanium, Paduan Hastelloy


● This series of pumps are widely used in municipal engineering, metallurgical steel, chemical paper, water, power plants and farmland water conservancy projects.

Advantage competitive

● The inlet adopts the filter plus suction bell structure, which can effectively filter large solids and fibers. This helps the liquid to enter the impeller smoothly and evenly, and reduce the formation of eddy current.

● The flowing part is coated with an epoxy coating to increase efficiency and age.

● Each section of the water pipe is provided with a guide bearing body to support the drive shaft. Different kinds of guide bearings can be selected for different mediums and conditions. Guide bearings are generally made of polymer synthetic materials (mainly composed of PTFE and wear-resistant fillers and lubricants) and the self-lubricating performance is good. The pump can be started by dry-grinding (no need to pre-fill water) and rubber bearings (or cylon bearings) can also be used.

● The bearing can be lubricated with dry oil or thin oil. It is equipped with water cooling function to make the pump run safer and last longer.