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120Kw-180Kw DC EVSE (IEC)

120Kw-180Kw DC EVSE (IEC)

● DC EV charger
● EV charger
● 120Kw-180kW EV charger
● Electric bus charger

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Main ụzụ Data
Ike ọnụego120-180 kW
nkwụnye TypeCCS/ CHAdeMO/ Type 2 charge plugs
Size ( L*D*Hmm )750 * 650 * 1700
ọsọ ọsọ voltajiAC380V ± 20%
Mmepụta volta icheCCS:200~750V DC
pịnye 2:380V AC
UgbuSee Nameplate for Rate Current and Max Output Current
monitor 7 inch High definition color touch LCD
Ọnọdụ chajaAutomatic filling, By time, By SOC, By amount  
Start typeIC card, Password or QR-code (need support with back stage and App)
MitaAC side
Zọ Nkwurịta OkwuEthernet /4G (Support OCPP 1.6 )
Nweta IPIP54
operating okpomọkụ-20~ + 50


● Suitable for charge station with Special-purpose for buses, Taxis, rubbish vans

asọmpi Advantage

● Accord with IEC61851、IEC62196 standards