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ZA petrochemical process pump

ZA petrochemical process pump

● Petrochemical Process Pump
● API 610  OH1 pump
● Overhung pump

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Main Kev ntaub ntawv

● Flow range: 2~2600m3/h
● Head range: 15~250m
● Applicable temperature: -80~250°C
● Design pressure: 2.5MPa

daim ntawv sau npe

● This series of pumps are mainly used in oil refineries, petrochemicals, cryogenic engineering, coal chemical, chemical fiber and general industrial processes, power plants, large and medium heating and air conditioning units, environmental protection engineering, offshore industries and desalination plants as well as other industries and fields.

Kev Tshaj Loj (Competitive Advantage)

● The bearing suspension bracket is designed as a whole, which is lubricated by oil bath. The oil level is adjusted by constant oil cup automatically.
● According to the working conditions, the bearing suspension bracket can be air-cooled (with cooling ribs) and water-cooled (with water-cooled sleeve). The bearing is sealed by a labyrinth dust disk.
● The motor adopts the extended section diaphragm coupling. It is very convenient and quick to maintain without dismantling pipelines and motor.
● This series of pumps have high degree of generalization. The full range has fifty-three specifications, while only seven types of bearing frame components are needed.
● The pump body with an outlet diameter of 80mm or more is designed as double volute type to balance the radial force, thus it ensures the service life of the bearing and the deflection of the shaft at the shaft seal.