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IMD magnetic centrifugal pump

IMD magnetic centrifugal pump

● IMD Magnetic Centrifugal Pump
● Magnetic drive Pump
● famfo mara iyaka

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Main bayanan fasaha da softaware

● Flow rate: 1~160 m3/h; 4.4-704GPM
● Total delivery head: 17~62m; 17-203feet
● Temperature range: -20 °C to 100 °C (-4°F to 212 °F)


● Corrosive, pure and contaminated media in chemical industries,
● Pharmaceutic and petrochemical industries,
● In metal processing, waste water treatment etc.  
● When Stainless steel is not sufficiently resistant
● An alternative for expensive haste alloy, titanium alloy pumps
● When anti-adhesive surfaces are important.
- Strong corrosive liquids
- Aggressive, explosive and toxic liquids
- Volatile chemicals
- Flammable liquids
- Difficult-to-seal liquids

Amfanin da ya dace

● Economic and Reliable Design Feature
- Tsare-tsare mara iyaka da zubewa kyauta
Ba tare da hatimin shaft ba da tuki ta hanyar haɗin gwiwar maganadisu, waɗanda ke guje wa ɗigo.
-Ƙaramin tsari
Ƙirar-ƙusa-ƙusa, haɗaɗɗen maganadisu tana haɗa zuwa ƙarshen shaft ɗin mota kai tsaye, ba tare da jujjuyawa ba. Babban inganci da ƙananan amo. Rage sararin shigarwa da sauƙi haɗuwa.
-Madaidaicin kulawa
Pull-back construction, which allows easy on-site maintenance, no need to dis-assembly pipes,
- Babu magnetic eddy dumama halin yanzu
Sleeve Spacer da aka yi da filastik Carbon-fiber-reinforced filastik [CFRP], Tare da babban kayan aikin injin ƙarfi, kyauta daga abin da ya faru na yanzu na maganadisu.Duba da aikin kulawa.

The Pump Housing

● Virgin Fluoroplastic  
- Considerably easier and more reliable quality control
- No reduction in the permeation resistance.
- Pure pharmaceutical and fine chemical media: no contamination
● With ductile cast iron casing absorbs all the hydraulic and pipework-forces. According to DIN/ISO5199/Europump 1979 standard. Comparing to plastic pumps, no expansion joints are required. Flange with service-minded through holes to DIN; ANSI, BS; JIS. For flushing system and monitoring device as required, the draining nozzle will be offered.
● Spacer sleeve made of Carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic [CFRP]
-The metal-free system does not induce any eddy currents and thus avoids unnecessary heat generation. Efficiency and operational reliability benefit from this. Even low flow rates or media near their boiling point can therefore be conveyed without the introduction of heat.
● Closed Impeller
-Closed impeller with flow-optimized vane channels: for high efficiency and low NPSH values. The metal core is protected by a thick-walled seamless plastic lining, the large metal core and increase the mechanical strength considerably even at elevated temperature and high flow rates. Secured screw connection to the shaft to against loosening if the pump is started up in the wrong direction of rotation or in the case of back-flowing media
● Bearing
-Pure SSIC bearing make a decisive contribution to operational reliability and the long service life of the pump. pure SSIC as a base material produces maximum
-Dimensional stability. SSIC is extremely resistant to corrosion and abrasion