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Nau'in WQ submersible famfo

Nau'in WQ submersible famfo

● QW type submersible pump
● Submersible pump
● Submersible sewage pump

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Main bayanan fasaha da softaware

● Ƙarfin: 0-3000 m3 / h
● Shugaban: 0-60m
● Solid container: <25%
● Zazzabi: -15 ° C ~ 60 °C


● Discharge of serious sewage from factories and businesses;
● Sewage drainage from residential areas, hospitals, and hotels;
● Water supply and drainage of water plant;
● Water supply and drainage system of urban sewage treatment plant;
● Civil air defense system drainage; municipal engineering, construction site;
● Farmland irrigation; auxiliary equipment for exploration and mining

Amfanin da ya dace

● Adopting a large channel anti-clogging hydraulic component design, which can effectively pass solid particles with a diameter of 25 to 125 mm;
● The motor adopts a water-jacketed circulating water cooling system, which can ensure the reliable operation of the electric pump (above 15KW) in an anhydrous (dry) state;
● The motor anti-condensation device can automatically dehumidify the motor to ensure that the motor insulation is guaranteed to be above 300MΩ in a high-temperature environment, so that the motor can run normally and reliably;
● The automatic coupling system is adopted, which is easy to install and does not need to build a pump room, which can reduce a lot of engineering costs and reduce operating costs;
● The automatic protection system has a multi-function operation display, which can centrally control various operation states and carry out effective protection.