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Ruwan tsotsa sau biyu

Ruwan tsotsa sau biyu

● Double suction pump
● Split pump
● High capacity pump

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Main bayanan fasaha da softaware

● Flow: 100-12000m³/h 
● Shugaban: 10-150m 
● Pressure: ≤2.5Mpa 
● Temperature: -80℃-120℃.
● Voltage: 380V,3KV ,6KV,10KV
● Material: cast iron , carbon steel,ss304,316,316L,Duplex stainless steel


● Mining , power plant , water plant , supply and drain water project

Amfanin da ya dace

● This series of pumps are compact in structure, beautiful in appearance, stable in operation, and low in noise; the suction and discharge ports of the pump are below the axis of the pump, and there is no need to disassemble the inlet and outlet pipelines and motors during maintenance, as long as the pump cover is uncovered. Remove the general parts of the pump for maintenance; the pump shaft seal has two ways of high-quality mechanical seal and soft packing seal, which can be selected by users in different applications; the impeller that has been checked for dynamic and static balance is fixed on the pump shaft with a round nut The axial position of the pump can be adjusted by a round nut; the pump is directly driven by a motor through an elastic coupling, and can also be driven by an internal combustion engine when necessary; from the transmission direction, the water pump rotates in a clockwise direction (it can be changed according to user needs) Rotate counterclockwise).