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HVT sraith caidéil

HVT sraith caidéil

● Desulfurization pump
● Caidéal sciodair

Ríomhphost: [ríomhphost faoi chosaint]


● Mianadóireacht
● Gléasra cumhachta
● Gléasra cruach
● Miotalóireacht

Buntáiste Iomaíoch

● The wet parts are made with resin bonded SiC material, it has good abrasion and corrosion resistance.
● The impeller can be adjusted in axial direction to keep the gap between impeller and throat bush, so the pump can always work in high efficiency.
● The pump is designed as a backward-pulling structure, which allows customers to disassemble impeller, mechanical seal and shaft without taking down the suction and discharge tubes.
● The pump shaft diameter is large but end of shaft is small, that lessens the shaft deflection in working.
● Bearing is lubricated by thin oil. It is installed in a case with rubber seal ring for stopping water and dirt getting in.