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Peza deva suspensiaĵo-pumpilo

Peza deva suspensiaĵo-pumpilo

● Heavy duty slurry pump
● Slurry pumpilo
● Long life slurry pump

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● Minado
● Elektrocentralo
● Ŝtalfabriko
● Metalurgio

konkurenciva Avantaĝo

● The wet parts are made with sintered SiC ceramic, which is sintered in automatic nitriding furnace at termperature 1400℃.
● The wet parts and frame are connected by bolts, so customers can adjust the direction of pump discharge according to his requirement.
● Bolts on the frame is used to adjust the gap between impeller and throat bush, in order to achieve high efficiency working.
● For dealing with abrasive and corrosive fluid, mechanical spring is set outside in case of blocking. Stationary Design is adopted when the axle diameter is large and linear velocity is high.