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Pompa in linea GF

Pompa in linea GF

● GF Inline Pump
● Plastic Inline Pump

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Principals Data Tècnica

● Flow rate: 8-120 m3/h;
● Capu tutale di consegna: 82m;
● Temperature range: -20℃—150℃


● Pumping
● Acid and caustic liquid
● Oxidizer corrosive liquids
● suluzione sali
● Petrochemical
● Chimica
● Power station
● Pulp paper  
● Nonferrous smelting process
● Food industry
● Flue gas desulfurization
● Dust removal  
● Synthetic fiber

Advantage competitiva

● Long life mechanical seal.  Shaft seal is outside mechanical seal, which stationary ring material is alumina ceramics, rotating ring made of PTFE, mechanical seal able to bear high corrosive liquid.  
Convenient maintenance, simple structure, easy for repair. When change impeller, mechanical seal spare parts, no need disassembly the piping.
The material is virgin, unfilled lining FEP/PTFE
(1) Cuntrolla di qualità assai più faciule è affidabile.
(2) Nisuna riduzzione in a resistenza di permeazione.
(3) Pure farmaceutical è fine chimica media: senza contaminazione
Carcassa robusta di a pompa.  With ductile cast iron armouring absorbs all the hydraulic and pipe work forces to DIN/ISO5199/Europump 1979.In contrast to partially or non-armored plastic pumps, no expansion joints are required. Flange with service-minded through holes to DIN;ANSI,BS;JIS. For flushing system and monitoring device as required, the draining nozzle will be offered(pump housing picture)
Closed impeller with flow-optimized vane channels: for high efficiency and low NPSH values. The metal core is protected by a thick-walled seamless plastic lining, the large metal core and increase the mechanical strength considerably even at elevated temperature and high flow rates. Impeller connecting with Motor directly, which can balance radial and axial load.

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