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FYH Chemical Pump

FYH Chemical Pump

● FYH Chemical Pump
● Submersible Chemical Pump

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Main Technical Data

● Flow rate: 50 m3/h;
● Kinatibuk-ang ulo sa paghatod: 25m;
● Temperature range: -20 °C to 85 °C


● Pagbomba
● Mga asido ug lyes
● Organikong solvent
● High corrosive medium
● Automobile pickling
● Non-ferrous metal metallurgy
● Caustic soda
● Pestisidyo
● Elektroniko
● Paghimog papel
● Rare-earth separation
● Pharmaceutical
● Pagprodyus sa pulp
● Industriya sa sulfuric acid
● Industriya sa pagpanalipod sa kinaiyahan

Kompetensyal nga Kaayohan

● High corrosion resistance
FYH is a vertical submersible pump, the wetted parts are made from fluoroplastic, which makes the pump has high corrosion resistance, high efficiency and light weight.
● Easy to operate and repair
The pump is submerged in liquid, there is no need to fill the liquid during operation and it is easy to repair.