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Bomba de bossa vertical de la sèrie VMC

Bomba de bossa vertical de la sèrie VMC

● Vertical bag pump

● Bomba vertical  

● VS6

● Bomba API 610 VS6

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Dades tècniques principals

● Capçal: 0-800m
● Capacitat: 0-800m3/h
● Tipus de bomba: Vertical
● Pressió: 10 Mpa
● Temperature:-180-150 °C
● Material: acer fos, SS304, SS316, SS316Ti, SS316L, CD4MCu, titani, aliatge de titani, aliatge Hastelloy


● This series of pumps are widely used in petrochemical, coal chemical, cryogenic engineering, condensate extraction, liquefied gas engineering, oil refining, power plants, pipeline pressure regulation, seawater desalination and other industries and fields.

● It is especially suitable for conveying low temperature medium, easy gasification medium, etc., such as natural gas, ethylene, liquid ammonia, condensate, light hydrocarbons and oil products, etc.

avantatge competitiu

● Rolling bearing structure is applied with thin oil lubrication. It is designed with special lubricating oil circulation system and bearing has good lubrication effect. Meanwhile there are water cooling and air cooling structure, suitable for various working conditions and improving bearing life.

● The balance chamber can be connected to the inlet. If the medium is easy to vaporize, it can also be connected with the secondary impeller to increase the pressure in the seal chamber, reduce the possibility of gasification, and increase safety and reliability.

● The first stage impeller adopts a suction impeller, which has good suction performance and can shorten the insertion depth of the pump.

● The structure of multi-point support in sliding bearing is applied and the span between bearings has been designed to meet the requirements of API standards. The high wear-resistant materials for bearings are adopted to ensure stable operation of the pump.

● Profile welded structure is adopted in suction and discharge section, with no casting defects and strong pressure bearing capacity.

● The drum-disc structure is used to balance the axial force and automatically adjusts the axial clearance during operation. This can achieve a complete balance of axial force, making the bearing run without axial load. Pumps can have a longer service life and are safer to operate