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LWD series decant centrifuge

LWD series decant centrifuge

LWD series centrifuge is a kind of slid-liquid separating equipment. The suspension will be fed, dehydrated, washed and discharged

continuously under full speed. During the operation of the centrifuge, when power on, the centrifuge will start and accelerate

automatically When reaching the preset speed, the feeding valve will open, the suspension will enter into the decanter section of

the centrifuge through the feeding pipe and the distributing cone at the middle section of the spiral The suspension with low solid

content will be pre-dehydrated and thickened so as to ensure the clarification in the decanter section.

Most of the liquid will be drained out through the adjustable overflow device at the backside of the centrifuge so as t get the

clear liquid after centrifugation.

The solid material after pre dehydration will be transported to the screen of the centrifuge for further dehydration. If necessary,

washing can be operated.

According to the production requirements, the mother liquid and the washing liquid can be drained out separately or drained out

together through the single hydrocyclone or double hydrocyclone,

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Crystal, grain or fber is easy to subside.

Size of the grain should be larger than 0.05mm.

The concentration of the solid material enters into the centrifuge should be between 0 and 60W-96[Wt9b:percentage of the weight)

Competitive Advantage


The basket has long service life.

High productimity(L ess solid lossl.

High dryness of the product.

The advantage of the cantilever design:

Easy t如replace the screen without disassembling the spiral.

Simple design of the sealing device.

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