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HR pistons double pushing centrifuge

HR pistons double pushing centrifuge

The HR800-N two-stage piston pushing centrifuge has the advantages of automatic continuous operation, continuous slag discharge, high production capacity, low and uniform power consumption, no peak load, fast drying, and small grain crushing. The components in contact with the material are all made of stainless steel or other special materials, with good corrosion resistance, smooth operation, and low vibration.

The piston pushing centrifuge manufactured by our company adopts a composite oil cylinder structure for the pushing mechanism. The oil cylinder integrates components such as the reversing valve rod, slide valve, and piston. The pushing and reversing are completed in the oil cylinder, which has a compact structure, efficient and reliable reversing. The oil supply station, bearing support system, drum, etc. with enhanced design are widely used in the separation of more than 100 kinds of materials, such as Ammonium bicarbonate, sodium chloride, gelatin, cotton seeds, flue gas desulfurization, sewage treatment, and other industrial fields, including chemical industry, salt production, food, pharmacy, light industry, environmental protection, etc.

3 Working principle and operating process

The two-stage piston pusher centrifuge is a continuously operated filter type centrifuge. Its working principle is: after the drum reaches full speed, the suspended liquid that needs to be separated is continuously sent to the cloth tray through the feed pipe. Under the action of the centrifugal force field, the suspended liquid is evenly distributed along the circumference to the screen mesh installed in the first stage drum. Most of the liquid is thrown out of the drum through the gaps in the screen mesh and the wall holes of the first stage drum, The solid phase is retained on the sieve to form a circular cake residue layer. The first stage drum rotates and moves back and forth along the axial direction. Through the return stroke of the first stage drum, the slag layer is pushed forward along the axial direction of the drum for a certain distance. When the first stage drum is in progress, the empty screen surface is filled with continuously added suspension, forming a new filter cake slag layer. With the continuous reciprocating motion of the first stage drum, the filter residue layer moves forward in sequence. This continuous reciprocating motion pushes the filter cake pulse forward, further drying the filter cake. The filter cake detaches from the first stage drum and enters the second stage drum. The filter cake is loose and redistributed on the screen of the second stage drum, and is continuously pushed out. During this process, the filter cake can also be washed. When the filter cake is pushed out of the second stage drum and enters the aggregate tank, The filter cake is discharged from the machine by its gravity.

If the filter residue needs to be washed in the machine, the washing solution is continuously distributed on the filter residue layer through a washing tube or other washing equipment. The separated filtrate, along with the washing solution, is collected in the machine casing and discharged through the discharge port. If necessary, the filtrate and washing solution can be discharged separately.

The rotation of the drum is driven by an electric motor through a triangular belt. The reciprocating motion of the first stage drum is achieved by the hydraulic system through a composite oil cylinder.

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Main Technical Data

The HR800-N centrifuge base adopts a split structure, which is composed of a cast bearing seat and a welded oil tank through bolt connection. This split design is convenient for processing, heat treatment and maintenance in use. The heat treated oil tank and bearing seat can ensure the stability of the machine. The internal space of the oil tank serves as the storage tank for the machine, and is used to support the oil circuit system, bearing seats, rotating bodies, and oil cylinder components, etc. It is equipped with a drive motor.

The bearing combination includes bearing seats, bearings, push rods, rolling bearings, and sliding bearings. The main shaft rotates in two heavy rolling bearings, and the hydraulic system provides pressure oil for forced lubrication. Labyrinth seals are used on both sides of the bearing to avoid pollution caused by Oil spill. The push rod reciprocates within two sliding bearings, which are lubricated by pressure oil from the hydraulic system. The drum edge is sealed by two leak proof seals in series to ensure that the product and lubricating oil do not cross contaminate.


This type of centrifuge is well used to separate suspencion with its

solid size is over 0. 15mm and density is over 40%.It can be used

in chemical, light, pharmacy and food industry to produce sodium

chloride, ammonium fluoride, ammonium bicarbonate, sodium

sulphate. urea, caffeine, polyethylene, polystyrene,oxalate. nitrate

Competitive Advantage

The HR800-N horizontal two-stage piston pushing centrifuge is mainly composed of components such as the base, oil supply station, composite oil cylinder, drum, casing, and electrical control box.

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