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ZW self-priming pump

ZW self-priming pump

● ZW  series self priming pump
● End suction pump
● Self suction pump

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Main Technical Data

● Size: 25-300
● Capacity: 8-800 m3/h
● Head: 15-80m
● Power :2.2kw-75kw
● Material: Cast steel, SS304, SS316, SS316Ti, SS316L


● A certain amount of solid particles are mainly used in the chemical industry, paper , oil refining, coating , mining  metallurgy, light industry, medicine and other industrial sectors.

Competitive Advantage

● The zw type self-priming pump adopts a double-blade impeller structure, which greatly improves the passage capacity of dirt;
● The overall structure is compact, the volume is small, the noise is small, the energy-saving effect is obvious, the maintenance is convenient, and the user is convenient to replace;
● If the zw self-priming pump is equipped with an outdoor motor, there is no need to build a pump room, and it can be directly installed and used outdoors to save money;
● The mechanical seal of the zw type self-priming pump adopts a new type of sassafras pair, and it runs in the oil chamber for a long time;
● The zw type self-priming pump can be equipped with installation methods according to user needs, which greatly facilitates installation and maintenance, and people can enter the sump without this;
● The automatic control cabinet can automatically control the super-movement and stop of the pump according to the required liquefaction changes, without special supervision, and is extremely convenient to use;
● It can be used within the design range, and the motor will not be overloaded.


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